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Albums! Paul Solecki's Discography

The Bottles : Beatles for Kidz (2022)
The Bottles were commissioned to record an album of Beatles covers, and the final product contains one disc of us playing and singing and another with alternate lyrics for children sung in German over the music we recorded.

Paul Daly Band : Rainbow's End (2021)
An album of mostly classic Irish songs we recorded during the dark ages when live music was forbidden.

Paul Daly Band : The Common Good (2020)
We recorded this album of songs from our live set after all our concerts were cancelled due to everything being closed.

Dieter Reiter and the Paul Daly Band : Weihnachtszeit in M√ľnchen (2018)
This was a charity album we made with the mayor of Munich. We sang Christmas songs to raise money for a playground for a children's hospital.

Munich String Band : Live in Ireland (2018)
Recorded during a three week tour through Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, this is mostly songs from two concerts in County Waterford.

Paul Solecki and Kaspar von Braun : Long Ago and Far Away (2016)
Kaspar and I attended a lot of open mic nights in Munich together, and occasionally backed each other up. Kaspar suggested making an album together then moved to Los Angeles, so over the next couple of years we sent ideas and files back and forth until we had this album finished. We each wrote half of it, including one co-write to open the album.

Munich String Band : Munich String Band (2016)
After leaving a rival bluegrass band, we quickly formed a new one and recorded this album. All five of us took turns being lead singer.

Paul Solecki and Band : Live in Cork (2011)
Towards the end of my time in Cork, I recorded this concert at the School of Music as part of my studies. Featuring songs from my entire career up to that point.

Paul Solecki : Christmas EP (2010)
No idea what made me do this, I probably read that they sell. I'm not a big fan of that stuff anyway.

Paul Solecki : Every Inch of Sky (2009)
My most succesful album, recorded over a year in Cork.

Songs for Small People (2009)
A college project, I recorded and performed on a lot of this album for kids and wrote quite a few songs as well. The Round Round might still be my favourite song that I wrote myself.

The Great Egress : Live in Concert DVD (2007)
For a few years, i played in a band in Cork that billed ourselves as "the best band from Cork, Kansas, Finland, and New Zealand in the world." No one has yet to prove us wrong. We filmed our farewell concert and released it as a DVD.

Paul Solecki : Paul and Me (2005)
This is an acoustic collection of little songs I'd written over the years, some as far back as when I was 13.

The Vetivers : Twelve O'Clock in All the World (2002)
Shortly before leaving for Ireland, I became a producer and engineer for the fist time with the release of our second CD. Out of print and currently unreleased, I'll put it back up on the internet soon, I promise.

The Vetivers : Lights (1999) The first CD I ever made, this was a collaboration of the four of us, including three songwriters. Link soon...

Carnivorous Grass : Live at Gee Coffee (1996)
The first official release I was a part of was this live tape of my first band playing in Olathe, Kansas. I'll put this up again soon too...

Paul Solecki : No Shelter the Album (1993)
When I was 13 I wrote my first song when we were assigned an art project in Social Studies class. My topic was homelessness, and I recorded a song about it. Some people asked for a copy, so I recorded an album on a tape recorder over the rest of the school year. Friends could bring me a blank tape and I'd dub it for them. The later they brought me the tape, the more songs would be on it. I'm sure there are some copies out there somewhere, but I don't have one as far as I know. Do you?

There are a few links missing. Soon I'll be adding the old sites for Carnivorous Grass and The Vetivers and have links to download old music from the archives. If you want anything in the meaintime, get in touch. The address is paul (at) paulsolecki (dot) com.