The Ballad of Bill

A long long long long time ago
There lived a man named Bill
He lived alone all by himself
In a house atop a hill

The hill was tall, the climb was rough
Too hard for one like me
Why anyone would live up there
I just cannot see

The village below the hill was small
It didn't have a name
And nothing was ever different
And everything was same

But then one day we saw ol' Bill
Marching down the slope
The way we were looking at him
You'd think he was the pope

He walked into the village and
Went to the music store
And there he bought a slightly used guitar
And nothing more

And as he walked back up the hill
The village heard him play
The music was the worst that we had heard
Until that day

We all covered our ears
The music seeped right through our hands
But Bill continued playing
Contrary to our demands

And great pain overtook our heads
The village children cried
But Bill continued playing
And everybody died

©2005 Paul Solecki