Floating By

Looking up
Skies are blue
Clouds are small
And look like you
Hey I think I see me too
I'll come floating by

From the sky
We can see the green below
Rivers meet oceans
All the ant people will see us
Floating by

Winds might blow
And change our shapes
We'll turn into
Cheese and grapes
Spread on cirrostratus crepes
As we're floating by

From above
We can see the mountaintop
Snowcap peak circles
And the trees salute us
Floating by

Rain and thunder blue
Send you a lightning bolt or two
I can rain on everything
And you can too

Through the years
We'll evaporate again
Meet in the atmosphere
And touch each other
As we're floating by
We will kiss each other
As we're floating by
We will love each other
As we're floating

©2009 Paul Solecki