Paul Solecki's web site

I'm working on an album with Kaspar von Braun, here are the first two songs released as a digital double A-side. Molecule is written and sung by Kaspar, and Slow Comet by me. We've been sending each other songs back and forth across the world and slowly building them up into finished products. A full album will be out soon, check back here for details.

What's new?

The Munich String Band web site is now up and running, check out our new band!

Twice a month I'm hosting an open mic night in Munich, check out the Welt Bühne web page! The show takes place the second and fourth Monday of each month. And here is a list of other open mic nights in Munich.

Check out the web site of Thomas Graf, where you can find several demos for his upcoming CD that we're working on. Have a listen to the examples and you'll see why he's called "The Bruce Springsteen of Moosach!" He's also responsible for most of the German translations for this web site. Thanks Thomas!